Huntsville Marine Pro Fish

I want to purchase a fishing boat and get out on the water!  Just what type of fishing boat do I need for me and my family?  Aluminum or fiberglass construction for my new fishing boat?  Man there is a lot of models and seems like a lot of brands.  How do I make an informed decision?  Which brand and which dealership for my new fishing boat?  Do I go with those terrible lifestyle magazine ads which tell me nothing of value, attend shows, read brouchures, visit

What is Huntsville Marine Pro Fish and why is it different from other marinas selling Legend or Starcraft or Princecraft?  Pro Fish is new concept to Ontario and most of Eastern Canada.  It is more than just displaying and selling fishing boats.  Huntsville Marine Pro Fish is an integrated system of matching you, your needs with the right fishing or fish and ski boat not just the one brand that marina X sells.  Huntsville Marine Pro Fish present you with real knowledge and real choice!  You can join the Huntsville Marine Pro Fish Team! Just how does that work and what is the benefit to me?  Good questions!  

Huntsville Marine Pro Fish is the fastest growing higest volume dealership in Ontario!  Join the movement to a better fishing system and save money on that next boat purchase too!

Huntsville Marine Pro Fish

Huntsville Marine has secured two of the top brands of fishing boats aluminum and fiberglass available today! 

Crestliner: All weld aluminum fishing boats Very well know and respected for over 35 years.
Built in the same plant as Lund with the same aluminum but have the recognized best ride in the industry with its progressive hull angle and reverse chine system.  Known for full windshield walleye type boats, fish and ski, side and dual consoles plus large format utilities. 

Stratos Boats:  A name any fisherman knows.  Absolute best value and best included features

of any fiberglass fishing boat...bare none!  Bass entry level to tournament level boats plus walleye, multispecies and fish/ski boats.

Huntsville Marine expands your ability to chose and have a realistic conversation with marina staff and real professional fishermen about what is best for you and your family.  Okay...what else?  Huntsville Marine unlike most other fishing boat dealerships has three (3) professional fisherman or Pro Staff that work exclusively with Huntsville Marine.  Huntsville Marine is becoming one of the dominant fish boat retailers...we have buying power to go with brand power! Our Pro staff know fishing boats under almost any conceivable condition as they fish tournaments all over Ontario in all types of weather.  They know rod storage, tackle storage, livewell systems, outboards, trailering and just plain how to fish with a boat.  You can meet our Pro staff at the Toronto Boat Show, Spring Boat show or the Sportsman Show.  Also you can talk with these pro's through the marina or National Pro Staff web site under Team Huntsville Marine.  Yes we actually have a competitive fishing team right now primarily focused on Walleye with Bass coming next.  

Click on Shane's picture to read his great articles and tournament fishing information   particularly Pickerel. 

Click on Ivan's picture to see what he has been up to...lots of great fishing information.  Ivan is primarily a Walleye/Pickerel torunament fisherman.

Huntsville Marine Pro Fish...we talk fishing, we know fishing boats like no other and we can provide a level of knowledge an advantage no other fishing boat retailer can over.

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