Muskoka Boat Rentals, Muskoka Pontoon Rentals

Muskoka Boat Rentals by Huntsville Marine

Huntsville Muskoka bowrider boats rentals, Huntsville pontoon boats rentals and Huntsville fishing boats rentals in the Huntsville, Lake of Bays and Muskoka region since 1986. Our rental fleet is comprised of high quality reconditioned late model boats and motors as well as new or nearly new premium bowrider and pontoon boat rentals. Rates are based on boat size and horsepower categories in combination with the length of the rental period requested.  Insurance restrictions do not allow for trailers to be provided with rentals.  Huntsville Marine ( rentor) will deliver in the area shown in the rental section map with a charge levied based on the time and distance involved.  If you are renting a cottage, you must make sure that adequate launch ramp facilities are in place.  Your cottage rental agent should know this or you make inquire with us as to whether a suitable ramp is available.

Rental Start Times General Information

Please Note:  From September 2nd until Thanksgiving, we will only have the following boats available for rent due to lack of volume during the Fall season.
-19' Center Console 75hpMerc
-18' Campion OB 150hpMerc
-22' Pontoon 75hpMerc

May 15 to September 15th
  • Rental start times are 9:00Am and return time to the marina is 5:00 PM to the marina Monday through Saturday.  Sunday start time is 10:00 Am and return time is 3:30PM.  All holiday Mondays start at 9:00 Am and return time is  3:30 PM.  A late charge is in effect for those missing their return time. 

During busy periods, rental start times may be adjusted earlier or later with the return time adjusted accordingly.  All renters should talk to the rental department 48 hours before their scheduled rental start date. 

CLASS   Open Utilities with Outboard Motors 1/2 DAY
(4 hours)
1 Night
2 Nights
4 Nights
6 Nights
ONLY (10am- 3:30pm)
14/15' ALUMINUM UTILITY C/W 9.9/15
$89 $135 $255 $340 $395 $485


$1550 3

$95 $145 $265 $350 $430 $510 $115 $1625 3/4
Class: Outboard Runabout                  
Center Console 17' C C 75 HP Mercury OB
$170 $265 $490 $750 $1190 $1495 $200 $4250 3/4
 Class: 17-19' Runabouts 135 to 200HP                  
18' RUNABOUT C/W 200 HP  I/O

$205 $319 $565 $820 $1475 $1895 $245 $6000 6/7/8
 19' Center Console with 75HP
 $170 $280  $510  $795  $1265  $1595  $210    
$219 $329 $565 $795 $1230 $1825 $260 $5350 8/9

Premium Boat Rentals

Huntsville Marine also offers premium new or nearly new boat rentals in two (2) categories


1/2 DAY
(4 hours)
1 Night
2 Nights
4 Nights
6 Nights
(10am- 3:30pm)
18' Four Winns Bowrider c/w 4.3L MPI Mercruiser
$245 $369 $700 $1000 $1595 $2195 $285 $6800


 22' Pontoon 75hp    

 $255  $379  $710  $1010  $1605  $2205  $295  $6810  10
 18' Campion150hp    

 $245  $369  $700  $1000  $1595  $2195  $285  $6800  6/7


-Renters will pay for the gas they have used while they are boating, Huntsville Marine does not cover the cost of your gas. The boats leave with a full tank and the renter is responsible for paying the gas they have used.

-Children count as a person. Therefore when the max capacity states 3 persons, this means 3 bodies in TOTAL in the boat.

-Renters are asked to arrive at least 10minutes prior to the start of their rental time to fill out the appropriate paperwork and go to over the boat with our staff.  Discounts and/or extended time will not be granted if the renter is not ready on time.

-Our rental staff will go over the boat with the renter before and after their rental period.  This insures that the renter will know how to operate the boat as well as inspect any damages that may have been caused during the rental period.

-For insurance and safety purposes, we ask that there will only be a maximum of TWO operators of the boat during your rental period.

-A Security Deposit WILL be taken at the time of rental.  The deposit is refunded to the rentor at the end of the period pending there has been no damaged caused to the boat by the rentor.
-$500 for our Aluminum Outboards.
-$1500.00 for our Runabouts
-$2000.00 for our Premium fleet and Pontoons.

Optional Collision Rental Insurance

Optional rental insurance coverage is available for a fee to provide security for the renter against impact damage only. The included chart below shows pricing for coverage and renter financial responsibility. Huntsville Marine does not extend liability coverage to the renter. Huntsville Marine does insure its rental craft against fire and theft.  If the renter waives impact damage coverage, the renter is responsible for all damages to Huntsville Marine property up to and including its listed value plus tax. There is no coverage whatsoever for cases involving negligent liability, speeding, careless operation, misuse or abuse.  No coverage is extended Huntsville Marine to include injuries to the renter or any other person(s) engaged in swimming, diving, water sports in general, water skiing, tubing or wakeboarding.

Physical Impact Insurance Coverage

Daily Weekly Month Deductible Required Damage Deposit
Up to 25 HP 7.50 45.00 160.00 500.00 500.00
Up to 75 HP 19.50 126.75 445.00 1500.00 1500.00
Up to 200 HP 35.00 225.00 795.00 2000.00 2000.00

Required Damage Deposit

A Visa or MasterCard must be used for damage deposits. A charge is levied against the credit card which is adjusted after safe return of the rental equipment. Cash or debit card deposits if accepted are calculated at 1.5 to 2 times the required amount. Required damage deposits are noted under Physical Imapact Insurance Coverage.

Additional Rental Equipment Available

Huntsville Marine to enhance your rental experience offers skies, tubes, and wakeboards for rent.

RATE 20.00 36.00 60.00 80.00 125.00 150.00
Fuel and Safety Equipment
Boats leave full of gas/oil and include required safety equipment. Renters will be charged for the amount of fuel and oils that are consummed upon return. 

Boat Operators License 

The rental agreement acts as a boat license for the rental period for the named party ( renter) or parties on the rental agreement.  If you wish multiple operators all operators with their driver's license ( all over 21 years old) must be shown on the rental agreement.  Responsibility is always the named party on the agreement and the security card presented.  Therefore a boating license is not mandatory but highly recommended.  All boat operators (renters) must be 21 years of age or older and have a valid drivers license.

Damage Deposits

A damage deposit in the amounts from $500 to $2000 is required depending on the craft rented.  A condition report is agreed to before the boat leaves the marina and is binding.  Renters are responsible to satisfy themselves of the condition of the unit and its agreed condition before leaving.  Renters are responsible for all damages while in their possession.

Rental Insurance Available

Optional insurance coverage against impact to the drive units only is available for additional charge of $7.50 to $35.00 per day subject to a $1500.00 deductible per occurance charge against required repairs as scheduled for the size and value of the rental unit. The charge for this optional impact protection is noted in the rental price list.  Renters are advised to consult with their own home/cottage insurance policies as to whether the rental boat and period may be covered.  If a claim needs to be made where you are utilizing your own insurance or some protection program offerred by a credit card company, the claim must be paid directly by you and you must settle with your company as required.

Cancellation Policy and Rentor Obligations

  •  All rentals are considered firm 7 days prior to the start date.  Rental cancellation insurance is available ( see Cancellation Insurance) and terms and condtions are noted below.
  • A cancellation of a rental may occur 8 or more days prior to the agreed start date for any reason but is subject to a 15% cancellation fee to cover expenses.
  • All boats have a passenger and load limit.  All operators must adhere to this limit at all times.  Failure to do so may place the passengers and/or rental equipment in a risk situation and all liability is the responsibility of the operator and rentor.   
  • Any boat rental equipment that is damaged beyound simple prop damage ends the rental at that point.  Daily rentals are over with no return of funds for the balance of the rental period.  Multiple day rentals may be given substitute equipment if available at the sole discretion of the rentor or when the damaged equipment is repaired be allowed to continue their rental.
  • Renters are soley responsible for any fines levied by the OPP for safety and/or speed or wake infractions. 
  • Renters are soley repsonsible for any injury to any person or passenger injured as a result of their operation or possesion of the rental craft or equipment.  This includes all towing and watersports activities.  
  • The rentor is soley responsible for the safe undamaged return of the rented items and boat or motors.  The rentor quarantees that they will pay all damages to return the rentors property to the original equipment as required upon its return to the rentor. 
  • Weather is not under the control of the marina.
  • The marina reserves the right to substitute a vessle of equal size and pricing or better at the same charge where the chosen vessel may not be available due to required and necessary service issues.
  • The renter is responsible to ensure that there is a suitable launch ramp at or near the place of the rental.  The rentor will not place their delivery equipment at risk in situations of poor launching facilities.

For additional information you may contact us at or  A rental request form is included in this section.

Conditions to Note for Boat Rentals


  • Huntsville Marine accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express or cash.  Personnal cheques are not accepted.
  • A credit card for security is required.
  • All multiday reserved rentals will be charged to the provided credit card 7 days prior to the designated rental period.  Refunds are not provided after this has occurred.  (See Cancelation Policy). 
  • A 5% discount is available for any rental paid at the time of reservation in full.  No refunds or cancellations are premitted when utilizing this discount.
  • Huntsville Marine must see the credit card prior to the start of the rental period.
  • If you are using another family member's credit card a completed and signed authorization sheet ( this is avaialble upon request) is require plus matching photo ID (normally drivers license) for the card holder.
Cancellation Policy

Cancellations with return of deposits or rental monies are not permitted within 7 days of the start time (9:00 Am).  Cancellation insurance is available to protect against unexpected occurences.  You must speak with rental staff and voice mail cancellations are not accepted.

Cancellations are permitted any time during normal business hours prior to the 48 hour prior start time window.  A minimum charge of a half day rate applies for one (1) and two (2) day rentals.  All cancellations for time periods over two (2) days outside of the 48 hour window will result in a charge equal to one days rental.

Standard Operating Conditions

  • 1. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on rental boats or the coinsumption of same by any operator or any person on the rental craft.  Smoking is not allowed on rental craft.
  • 2. Only persons noted on the rental agreement may operate the rental craft.
  • 3. All rental boats have weight and number of person restrictions.  These may not be exceeded at any time.
  • 4. Renters are directed and expected to be aware of weather conditions, wave conditions and or any atmospheric condition that may affect safe secure operation of the rental unit.  Imediately take appropriate actions as required by weather to ensure safety of the person(s) aboard as well as the rented unit. 
  • 5. An additonal charge will be levied for rentals returned in a dirty unkept fashion.
  • 6. Fishing is permitted from the base pontoons, utilities as well as the 16/17 outboards.  There is no fishing allowed from the premium rentals.  A cleaning charge of $50.00 will be applied for bait, bait debris, dirt and spilt foodstuffs or beverages.
  • 7.  All rental boats are supplied with the right safety equipment as determined by your requested needs.  It is strongly recomended that all persons on the rental craft wear lifejackets.  The operator is responsible for all fines levied by OPP safety patrols which are active in Muskoka as well as the safety of all passengers.    
  • 8. Pets are normally not allowed on rental units.



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