Spring 2014 Boat Storage Schedule

Welcome to Spring 2014

What Was Included In the Storage Fee

Your fall storage fee, included services were winterization, bottom hull wash, actual storage period with protective monitoring, removal from storage, initial water ready start up, light cleaning and launch. (For additional information see Professional Boat Storage in this site)

Not Included but Should Be Considered

Your boating investment requires periodic preventative maintenance.  Many of you have already requested your spring service which was completed during the winter months.  If you have not so, the included chart outlines service options specials.  If you have questions, just send them along and we can give you recommendations to keep your boat ship shape and your days on the water trouble free.

Step One-Pick a Date for Launch
The shop is up and running again for the summer of 2014.  We asked and included in your Storage contracts that all customers must call and provide us with at least 2 weeks notice of when you would like your boat of of storage.  Our policy is "First scheduled first serviced." Huntsville Marine after receiving your request, will confirm by phone or email whether this date is available or offer and alternative date and time.

Many weeks and weekends are fully booked very early into the spring.  Huntsville Marine in order to maintain service standards can and will restrict a set number of units per week for launch and delivery.  We receive calls each year from persons who have forgotten or the weather report appears to be favourable one to two days prior to request for launch.  Our policy is three (3) weeks prior notification before launch so that we can arrange staffing, parts, logistics of building removal.


A chart of service work has been included for your convenience with pricing. Generally all Mercury/Mercruiser power products have a three (3) year revolving service requirement. To make this simple we call these AA (year one), BB (year two) and CC (year three).  Specific requirements for Mercury/Mercruiser are included under the Service heading in this web site.  Comprehensive includes hull waxing or Hullquard Protection and interior detailing with the mechanical service. All fiberglass boats should be waxed or receive Hullguard Protection (preferred) prior to launch.

Restrictions on Launch Dates

The May early June spring launch season is a very busy time here at the marina. Huntsville Marine is committed to placing some 250 to 350 boats in the water for the summer season. Here at the marina our service time is strictly scheduled, the amount of ground and dockage space restricted not to mention what the weather has in store for us.

When you pick a date, you must be prepared to pick up your boat on that date.  In the last few years, we have had families arrive up to six weeks after their chosen date launch date.  High water levels and unfavourable spring weather are all normal parts of the early boating year.  We will be notifying you that your boat will be ready and whether in the morning or afternoon.  Storage Charges will be due if not picked up as requested.  Additional Storage charges apply for all boats booked out of storage in the month of May that are not picked up on the specified weekend.

Schedule Your Out of Storage Appointment

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