Huntsville Marine Used Product Warranties



Huntsville Marine and Recreation is proud to offer our clients purchasing reconditioned boat and motors designated as Certified, our exclusive mechanical protection program for 60 continuous days.  Boats and outboard motors with the Certified Warranty Tag have received a detailed inspection by our shop personnel and all lights, pumps, radios and engine components are in good working order.  Any other noted shop inspection notes or condition reports will be available.  Certified Warranty Protection includes coverage for all mechanical engine components including the engine itself, drives and transom assemblies as well as shift control mechanisms.  Huntsville Marine will warrant the product to be free of mechanical defects for protected mechanical items for this extended period of time. This warranty is restricted to Mercury Outboards and Mercruiser Sterndrives powered boats only.  Loose outboards may also be covered under this warranty program.  Conditions for care, maintenance and repair apply. 

General Used Boats/Motors Warranty Conditions

All required identified preventative maintenance work or as required Merccury/Mercruiser must be completed as requested on a timely basis by Huntsville Marine.  Impacts, storm damage, act of God, misuse, abuse, over reving, propellers, submerging or water ingression including water in fuel or poor or improper fuels are not covered. Normal wear and tear, rubber components, spark plugs, propellers are not covered under this program.  All work must be completed by Huntsville Marine and the owner is responsible for return of the product to the service facility.  Priority status will be afforded to this product in terms of service scheduling.  Any remaining manufacturer's warranty supercedes this program offering.

Used Boats and Motors Older than 2000 Model Year 

Products are inspected by our service shop and are in proper running order.  Warranty is offered for a maximum of 30 days or as noted on engine only components.  Outboard motors or boats with motors older than 1995 or as noted are sold as is with no implied or granted warranty period. Please note that some insurance companies are requiring marine survey's be completed prior to granting insurance coverage for boats particularly cruisers older than 10 model years. The cost of such surveys which normally must be completed by recognized and approved boat surveyor which is an outside firm is not included.

Consignment or Brokerage Sales

Huntsville Marine offers consignment and brokerage sales for used boats, motors and trailers. There is no warranty expressed or implied with these units as the comprehensive inspection process with these units is not carried out unless requested by the products owner.  An inspection by Huntsville Marine does not imply any warranty to the purchaser.  Any items found by Huntsville Marine will be noted to aid in your decision process and as the inspection time maybe limited their is no implied coverage for items not found or any deficiency that may be not found or may exist.   There is no warranty expressed or implied by actual owner of the boat or item that is being sold under brokerage terms by Huntsville Marine or its agents.  All brokerage boats are sold as is. 

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