Environment Policy Huntsville Marine

Huntsville Marine and Recreation Environment Policy

Huntsville Marine and Recreation is a member of the Ontario Marine Operators Association and a supporter of its Clean Marine Program.   Huntsville Marine is a 4 Star Environmental Partner of this program and continues to shape its products and practices to obtain the highest 5 Star level.  Our business practices include recycling of all packaging materials, waste oils and lubricants, shrink wrap materials, cleaning products and batteries.  Huntsville Marine has an ongoing program to reduce energy consumptions through efficient operations.  Huntsville Marine as part of our environmental policy does not use any pesticides or feritlizers on its properties.  Our water front to the degree it is allowed is left in a natural state.  The main marina property is gravel surface covered with the exception of the front driveway. This promotes proper drainage and filtering of surface waters prior to entering the lake. We support and promote the Marine Environmental Code of Ethics.

During  2011 Huntsville Marine  added Campion Boats from Kelowna BC. which is a leading edge recognized green boating building company.  Campion's Apex hull design offers up to 10% improved fuel effeciency.  Huntsville Mairne is pleased to discuss with all boat buyers how they may reduce carbon footprint thought the purchase of proper horsepower and engine type as well as best maintenance practices to reduce fuel consumption.

Winter Storage...Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

Concerned about best environmental practice boat storage or pontoon storage. Boaters can significantly reduce their carbon foot print by choosing inside storage procedures over shrink wrap or plastic wrap boat storage.  Plastic films have a very high carbon footprint and in many cases the shrink wrap which cannot be reused goes to landfill.  Huntsville Marine is one of the few marinas that chooses to recycle essentially 100% of it shrink wrap.  In the case of Huntsville Marine this means a reduction of up to 5000lbs of plastic warp annually not going to landfill.  Very few persons calling on wrap storage inquire as to how the wrap is actually applied or what happens to the wrap in the spring.  Storage facilities which are special purpose boat storage buildings are expensive to build and maintain but once constructed have a very low carbon footprint.

Huntsville Marine has for the last 30 years is over 99% Glycol antifreeze products free during winterization procedures.   We have been directed and requested by the Ministry of the Environment not to use Propylene or Ethylene Glycol in boats to reduce or not to cause release of these chemicals to the watershed.  Although Propylene glycol is considered non toxic it is still considered an undesirable chemical in our watershed and lakes.

Marina Environment Code of Ethics

Protect our Ontario waterways from harmful dumping!  Return all bottles, cans, paper, plastics and other waste to shore for proper disposal or recycling.  When possible clean up after those who are less thoughtful.

Use environmental compatible materials!  The OMOA encourages the use of non-contaminating products in boat operation and maintenance.

Maintain our clean water heritage!  Help this marina achieve its goal of preventing the release of waste into sensitive waters.

Respect operating regulations!  Adhering to speed restrictions helps avoid wake damage to shorelines and property.  Unnecessary noise can be offensive.

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