Huntsville Marine Reviews Bowriders, Pontoons

Looking to do some research on a new boat purchase?  Going to the Toronto Boat Show, Sportsman Show or Spring Fishing and Boat Show?  tHuntsville Maine water tests the boat lines that we represent including  Monterey Boats, Campion Boats, Crestliner Boats  Cypress Cay Pontoons and Crest.  Comparing pontoon boats for your family.  Under this heading we will be building a boat test section and review the on water actual testing of each models performance noting the conditions under which the actual test was preformed.  The review is strictly the opinion of the reviewer and of note Huntsville Marine is a will be a retailer of this product in most cases.  We will try each and every time to be as unbiased as possible as if we do not like the boat...we don't want to sell it.  When the opportunity arises we will also review competitve products. This section willy include reviews from third parties from other sources as well.  There is no guarantee that the results noted for speed or on plane times for example can be duplicated by you.  Methods employed by the tester should only be tried by professional experienced boaters as a high element of risk may be possible. This information should be used in conjuction with our Getting The Boat Purchase Right and The Green Boater Fuel Saving Tips to make your own determination or what is best for you and your family. 

Click here for our Toronto Boat Show Pontoon CamparisonWe compare Cypress Cay, Starcraft, Legend, Tracker, Godfrey/Sweatwater/Aquapadio, Bennington and more.

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