Ontario Boat Trailer Annual Inspections/Service

Huntsville Marine is the only licenced trailer inspection center in the Muskokas.  Many of the trailers on the road today are unsafe and present a significant liability and safety issue for the owners as well as all others sharing the roadway.  

Huntsville Marine or any other commercial vehicle cannot tow your trailer if it is not in complianceIf you are stopped on the roadway for non-compliance you will may be required to have your trailer placed on a flat bed tow truck and removed as well as fined.

Huntsville Marine has been notified by the Opp that they will be specifically targeting trailers and tow vehicles this summer.   For those of you travelling the Highway 400 or 69 or 11 expect trailer blitzes this summer.  We have also be told that we cannot tow your trailer unless we have a copy of your trailer ownership with us.


Conviction for a missing or expired annual inspection sticker can range from $240.00 to $20,000 and/or licence plate removal.  The owner or driver may be charged with an insecure load ranging from a minimum fine of $160 for a motor vehicle for form $390.00 to a maximum of $20,000 for a commercial motor vehicle.

What is Load Security and How Does It Affect You?

Load security  deals with anything that may become dislodged or fall, leak, spill or blow from the vehicle(s) or their load(s).  You are responsible for any/all parts of your vehicle and their loads. 

1.  A trailer on a vehicle trailer hitch must have two safety chains strong enough to prevent the trailer from separating from the vehicle in the event of a hitch failure.  All parts of the trailer hitch mechanism must be fully functional and be able to safely secure the trailer to the tow vehicle.   The trailer safety chains must have the approved hooks securing the chains to the hitch and have a approved latch or clip to make sure the safety chains do not become unattached or displaced from the hitch.  Chains may not be dragging on the payment when undeway

2.  All running lights including side markers must be fully functional.  Trailer frames cannot be holed due to rust or corrosion or show any signs of stress than may weaked its strength.   

3.  All tires, springs and axles and or braking systems must be safe, secure and fully functional.

4.  Trailer frames cannot be holed due to rust or corrosion or show any signs of stress that may weaken its intended strenght or present a safety concern.

Load security also deals with how the load or boat in this case is properly secured to the trailer.  The load must be secured in two (2) ways...held down onto the trailer and prevented from moving forward or backwards off the trailer in cases of braking action, hills or impacts.  A normally prudent situation is to have the boat secured a minimum of (4) four time which each securing strap or rope having a breaking strength of 50% of the total weight of the boat and its contents.  An example is a 204 FS Monterey with a dry weight of 3100lbs plus fuel (310lbs) battery (75lbs) gear (150lbs) for at total of 3625lbs.  Each rope or strap should have a minimum breaking strength of a minimum of 3625 X 2 = 7250Lbs /4 = 1812.50 lbs capacity.  All boats greater than 22' should have two (2) additional tie downs near the midships port and starboard.  As a special note all pontoons must be cross tied port to starboard (left to right) and starboard to port (right to left) on both the bow and stern.  This is required as pontoons tend to wallow on a trailer.  You are expected to check your load for security and safety perioodically say every two (2) hours when towing.  

The OPP secribed it to us this way:  Take your boat and trailer and turn it upside down.  The load should not move at all and still be securly in the exact same place as if the trailer and load were right side up!


Requirements For Trailer Maintenance

Huntsville Marine has been advised by the MTO of the following changes regarding requirements for trailering and trialer licencing.  These changes came into effect in 2007 and are now going to be enforced by the MTO and OPP.

Trailer Certification:

Towing a Trailer: Add the gross weight of the vehicle to the gross weight of the trailer or the GVWR of the vehicle to the GVWR of the trailer which ever is highest.  If either of the combined weights or the trucks RGW is over 4500KG ( aprox 9000lbs total), then both the truck and trailer require annual inspections

Gross Vehicle Weight is the maximum allowable weight of the vehicle, all occupants, all accessories, all cargo.  Your vehicle will have a maximum recomended trailer ball weight as well which should be complied too.

Note: trailer includes but is not limited to boat, snowmobile, livestock and general purpose utility trailers.

What Does This Mean in English? 

This means that if you are towing with a 150 series pickup or large to medium sized SUV, the largest boat you can now tow is 17/18 feet without having both the vehicle and the trailer inspected annually.  You are required to have the appropriate inspection sticker applied to the windshield of the tow vehicle and for also one for the trailer located on the tongue.  This means you have two inspections and two certification permits.   We have our tow vehicles certified annually and for the sticker and inspection the cost is normally around $100.00 to $130.00 when combined with regular preventative maintenance providing there is no required work.  If you are driving and using a 250 or 350 series truck or say a Toyota Sequia you must have have an annual vehicle safety certification.  Huntsville Marine is not licensed to do vehicles only trailers.

What Does An Anual Trailer Inspection Look At?

The annual trailer insection looks at the mechanical fitness of the trailer including such items as tires, brakes, lights, trailer couplers and safety chains.  The overall condition of the frame and components are also examined.

What Does An Annual Trailer Inspection Cost?

The inspection cost is based on the size and complexity of the trailer.  Listed below are examples of the costs involved:

Single axle trailer with no brakes      $  79.95
Single axle trailer with brakes           $  99.95
Tandem axle trailer with brakes        $ 159.00

Labour costs to get to compliance plus required parts would not be included.

The above infomation is intended as a reference guide only and your particular circumstances or equipment may require different certification or compliance.  Consult your owners manuals for requirements.

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