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Indoor and Outdoor Boat Storage in Muskoka

Boat Storage – What’s Included?


The Huntsville Marine winter boat storage program is an exclusive multi-step protection system designed to provide the highest level of marine investment off season protection from harsh winter conditions.


Our program goes beyond the traditional industry practices and encompasses OEM specified winterization procedures utilizing OEM products, fully monitored actual storage period, selected service during storage and finally preparation and re-launch in the spring.


The Huntsville Marine Boat Storage Program is a leader in Green Boat Storage Practices protecting the environment for the next generations.



Our Superior boat storage program is an industry leading comprehensive 14 point program that maximizes proven OEM storage procedures to ensure that your marine investments are secure and protected from harsh winter conditions.

  • One (1) chemical and two (2) pressure washes of the waterside surfaces to remove biological growth and water borne deposits from that season.
  • Hull inspection of the outer surfaces below the gunnel for damage, cracking or areas of concern.
  • Inspection of the drive components including bellows and water tube for condition.
  • A set of hull pictures and/or water test drive will be taken to note condition at time of entrance into storage.
  • Running lights and general safety inspection of any trailer.
  • Full winterization of the engine and drive components using OEM products. With Ministry of the Environment Requirements for discharge all units are dry stored where ever possible. Ethylene or Propylene glycol is not used unless we are dealing with an accessibility issue.
  • Units are professionally blocked or cradled to support the unit throughout the storage period.
    Biological Guard agents are applied to interior surfaces.
  • Monitored storage in one of our designed storage building by our staff throughout the winter and early spring months.
  • Upon required notification to remove form storage, your boat is returned to the Highway 60 property for summarization.
  • Summarization is completed including pressurization of the fuel system as per OEM requirements for fuel pumps, batteries checked and fully charged, engine checked, lights checked, tire pressure checked and unit water tested.
  • Specified and requested customer maintenance is performed.
  • Unit is Water Tested
  • Boat is given 1 basic cleaning (1.5 hours) the day service is completed. *Please note: this service does not include Detailing, Waxing, Buffing.
  • Cleaning includes:
    • Vaccume debris
    • Windshield cleaning
    • Interior wipedown
    • Exterior rinse
    • Detailing, waxing, buffing is extra.
  • *One of the key benefits to our Superior Professional Boat Storage is the increased ventilation that the boat receives during the storage months. This has significant advantages over shrink wrap systems for significantly reduced corrosion of the engine components, increased upholstery life, improved outer hull surface protection as well as no related mold problems due to high moisture loading associated with plastic wrap systems.


  • As above, but monitored storage throughout the winter months in plastic 7mil UV stabilized Balcan shrink wrap at one of our monitored properties.
  • A detailed cost effective method of storing boats further into their lifespan. All new boats, boats under 20 years of age, fishing boats, Seadoos, Jetboats and pontoon boats should not be shrink wrapped. The difference in the Huntsville Marine system is quite substantial versus our competitors.
  • Huntsville Marine uses a heavier grade of shrink wrap to ensure the integrity of the covering over the winter months. Huntsville Marine is also open year round to monitor the units for snow load as well as to keep vents open.
  • We utilize an exclusive frame system to provide superior support for the wrap which is important for high snow load conditions such as Muskoka. During the winter of 2014 the Huntsville area had over 14 feet of snow which left uncheck can result in frame collapse.
  • Huntsville Marine applies Anti Chafe Tape to gunnel molding areas, windshield frames, pontoon fences tops or any area that may be buffeted by the wrap due to wind passing over the plastic wrap over the winter months. This provides a higher standard of care which reduces marking and finish degradation.
    Most shrink wrap operations do not have the proper land to store the units on. The storage area should not be a field with its long grass or near areas of nut or cone bearing trees. Further units stored beside roads tend to have salt damage issues. Huntsville Marine has its own properties that do not have the associated problems with grass and food bearing trees and they are not high road salt locations.
  • Corrosion control is a major concern with shrink wrap storage systems. Shrink wrap users very seldom inquire about corrosion control. Plastic wrap maintains a higher humidity level than inside storage programs on all inside interior upholstery and engine components which can result in corrosion problems on engine surfaces, premature starter and alternator failure and reduced lifespan on upholstery and wood components. Huntsville Marine using increasing venting procedures as well as where possible drying boats prior to warp.
  • Biological control is a major concern with shrink wrap storage systems which can result in the spring surprise of black mold on upholstery. Huntsville Marine sprays all interior surfaces with a biological control agent in combination with the additional drying and venting that we provide.
    Animal problems particularly mice are a problem in shrink wrap systems. Boats that are wrapped too tight have humidity problems. Improper low level venting can also be a problem for animal control. Huntsville Marine utilizes high level peak venting same as used on today’s roofs as well as scent based animal control. Our properties are not the areas that mice and squirrels tend to frequent or nest. Our storage areas are all hard surface.
  • Shrink Wrap by nature is not an environmental best practice. Disposal of plastic wrap can cause thousands of dollars and much of it ends of in land fill. Huntsville Marine is one of the few marinas that recycles essentially all of its plastic wrap.
  • The key differences are location of storage, heavier wrap, and best practices for ventilation, corrosion control and biological control. In addition Huntsville Marine is open year round to monitor all boat storage and Huntsville Marine recycles its shrink wrap to protect our environment for future generations.



  • scheduled required preventative maintenance such as engine oil/filter change
  • additional hull cleaning steps if required to remove zebra mussels
  • winterization of generators or other mechanical systems (done by quote only)
  • delivery and pick-up at distance (local may be included)
  • waxing of hull or complete detailing
  • potable water for spring service of water systems is not provided


Customer trailers must be safe, roadworthy and meet or comply with all Highway Traffic Act regulations. Huntsville Marine reserves the right to place the trailer in a safe compliant condition at retail rates and/or charge additional fees for use of our units. All fines for non­compliant trailers are the responsibility of the owner of the trailer. Trailers left for summer months will incur a $185.00 storage/transportation fee.

Huntsville Marine is located at: 373 Hwy 60 • Huntsville, ON P1H 1B5
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