Boat Storage FAQ’s

Huntsville Marine, Muskoka, Ontario

Boat Storage FAQ’s

  • A: Both Superior and Basic Packages include the following:
    Pick Up (Local)
    Bottom Clean/Pressure Wash
    Hull Inspection
    Full Winterization
    Gear Oil
    Basic Interior and Exterior Cleaning
    Lake Test
    Delivery (Local)

  • A: Huntsville Marine requires a minimum of two weeks notice to be able to have your boat out of storage, serviced, tested and cleaned. If you are looking to have your boat come out for May/July long weekend, Huntsville Marine requires 3 weeks notice.

  • A: No

  • A: Each boat receives a basic cleaning of the interior & exterior in the spring. Customers who wish to have their boat detailed & waxed must specify when booking the boat out of storage.

  • A: Proper inside boat storage is the best solution for any boat.

    Ventilation is one of the keys to successful storage protection. Boats that are too tightly closed up or covered in plastic tend to suffer from mould and corrosion problems.

    Shrink Wrap is not an environmentally sound product and in many cases is going direct to land fill after use. This product has a very high carbon footprint as it is oil or gas based with high associated shipping costs. All shrink wrapped boats must have mould protective agents applied and be as dry as possible before wrapping.

    Shrink wrap may in fact be $100 – $150 cheaper, but you are potentially going to experience corrosion and biological problems as well as chaffing problems that you will not experience with properly completed inside boat storage during the fall and winter months.

  • A: Visit our Muskoka Boat Storage Comparison Chart for 2015 rates.

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